Allan Borgen Dissolving FeedMe411


June 2nd, 2015 - Late last night I recieved an email from Allan Borgen stating that he and his son Mike have decided to dissolve FeedMe411. Allan cited that the time required to build the business did not justify keeping it going.

As many of you have mentioned over the last couple of years Allan's interest and attention to FeedMe411 has been sporadic and it appears that he simply doesn't want to invest the time needed to build the site into what was promised.

At this point I have not spoken with Allan so I don't have any more details of the closure. Allan mentioned in his email that he would call me in the next couple of days and I will update you with any further information at that time.

For all of you that have purchased photographs from your FeedMe411 shoot I will continue to provide support. Please contact me directly.


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Food Critic Allan Borgen To Dissolve FeedMe411


Food Critic Allan Borgen

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